How To Tow My Car Automatic Box

Your car with automatic transmission is down, and you do not know what to do? Indeed, despite being more robust than manual engines, automated gearbox vehicles also encounter some recurring problems. The breakdown and towing the car (ลากรถ which is the term in Thai) can be complex and difficult. It is strongly recommended that you do not tow your car yourself as towing an automatic car can result in more damage.

Most automakers advise using a professional convenience store to put your car on a platter and prevent further damage.

If you still decide to tow your car without using a vehicle with a platform, know that the towing of an automatic vehicle has some peculiarities:

Indeed, on automated cars, when the engine is stopped, the gearbox oil pump does not work, and lubrication mechanisms may become insufficient and cause the breakage of certain elements.

Driveshafts (drive wheels) are usually located at the front of most vehicles equipped with automatic boxes.

When the vehicle is lifted and towed from behind, the driveshafts then turn in the opposite direction. Planetary and planet gears on the automatic transmission may quickly damage the transmission of your vehicle.

To troubleshoot your vehicle and tow in the best conditions, be sure to follow these few recommendations:

  • Install the towbar or cable
  • Towing your vehicle by keeping the drive wheels (usually the front wheels) raised
  • Release the parking brake on your car
  • Put the gear lever in the neutral position (N)
  • Observe a speed lower than 50 km / h
  • (Optional) Add oil to the gearbox pump for better lubrication

With this article, I believe you are now aware of how to tow you automatic car. You can still call an expert who will be able to tow your vehicle with automatic transmission in all serenity.

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