5 Essential Points You Should Know about Auto Transport Insurance

For most people, their car is the next expensive asset after their home. So, it’s natural for most people to be concerned about their car’s safety against mishaps, robbery and other types of damage.

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However, most of these people don’t understand that when they hand over their car to a car transport service for transportation to another city or state, stacking the car in the truck should be paired with several strategies to be sure of what they anticipate.

Insurance is one of the most important among these strategies as it guarantees that whatever damage your vehicle may receive that isn’t because of your mistake is paid for so that you can settle it. 

Here are some points you should understand when it comes to auto transport insurance.

1. Insurance Certificate

Australian law requires every Australian auto shipping company to have a valid insurance certificate and they need to produce whenever they are asked to.

Even you should ask to see a copy of the certificate to make sure they have it. 

Don’t be scared of asking questions if you don’t understand anything. Ask them if your car will be covered for all types of damage during transportation or only the damage to the exterior. 

Ask also if there is any extra charge for insurance. If there is, how much it is? 

Also, make sure whatever the company is promising, they give it in writing. 

2. Written Proof

When you agree to the terms and conditions of an auto transport company, you have to ask individual agreements or written proofs.

Such a proof will protect your car from any unpredictable incidents, mainly when they are offering you their service or consenting to something that is not consisted in their usual contract. 

3. Contact Your Car Insurance Provider

Your car insurance provider may provide coverage to your vehicle while it is being shipped. However, this may not always be the case. So, you should check it.

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4. Remove Personal Belongings from Inside Your Car

Most car shipping companies do not offer cover to any loss of personal belongings inside the car. 

To reduce or eliminate the risk, make sure you check the car and empty it before handing it over to the transport company e.g. car shipping Perth to Melbourne from Dazmac Logistics.

In the event of damage or theft of these items, you are totally at loss because Australian car transport insurance doesn’t offer a cover to the items inside the car. 

5. Pre- and Post-Transport Inspection

Before accepting your car for shipping, your car shipping company will conduct an intense investigation of your vehicle to check if it has any existing damage. 

It’s advisable that you are present there at the time of the inspection. Visit https://www.dazmac.com.au/car-shipping-perth-to-sydney/ to know more about interstate car transportation.

It’s also advisable to take photographs of the car as proofs of its current condition before sending it for transport. This is of a great help to make an insurance claim if any damage occurs during the transport.

Such an inspection should also be done when you receive your car. Look for any damage and also make sure it runs. 

If there is any problem, report it to the shipping company and immediately make an insurance claim.

Knowing everything about the auto transport insurance will minimise your loss and your beloved asset will reach you safely. 

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